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  • By Kelly Williams
  • 04 Jan, 2018

Why are Google Reviews So Important?

Recent studies indicate that more and more individuals are resorting to read Google reviews before opting for a particular service from a company. This does not seem like it is going to come to a halt anytime soon, hence why it is important for companies to improve in this area in order to maximize their success on the market with the service(s) they are providing. Digital Marketing Experts International can definitely help to make this happen!

Having Five Positive Reviews Is the Key

Companies should have at least five reviews on Google, as this could aid them in obtaining more customers. The mindset of a customer is that of choosing a service from a company that appears to be reputable. If a company has five reviews that are positive, it could certainly impose this perspective.

Survey Results 

According to a recent survey, by reading less than three reviews is how 32% of consumers end up forming an opinion about a particular business. On the other hand, by reading no more than six reviews, 70% will garner a certain impression about a company. It was established that more than 70% of consumers who have a positive impression, go ahead and either contact the business or opt to visit its official website.

First Impressions Are Everything

Ratings, as well as the total number of reviews that are present, definitely play a grand role in the number of people that are going to visit the website of a company. Another recent survey showcases that those companies that only have positive reviews reflect fakeness to 30% of individuals. This same survey also informs that 79% of consumers create a positive impression from a company that has three to four stars.

Responding to Negative Reviews

Another factor that consumers judge when it comes reviews is if a business has responded to the negative reviews that have been left. It counts toward the credibility of any business. By not responding, you can lose customers. It is important to always respond in a way that transmits to readers that you care about their experience and that you are more than willing to resolve any matter present.

Recent Reviews Are Important

People want to read recent reviews. They take them more into consideration than old ones. It could definitely generate more business. One of the ways to achieve this is by you providing a top-quality overall service to every client. By doing so, they will actually want to leave a review on Google.

Keeping Customers Satisfied Equals to More Positive Reviews 

As you can conclude, it takes more than SEO to garner customers. People pick up on the reviews of other individuals before choosing a company to obtain a service from; therefore, as previously stated, going the extra mile to ensure that your current customers are satisfied in every aspect with the service that they obtain from your company is of extreme importance. A satisfied customer tends to leave a positive review on Google. Ensuring a satisfaction guarantee to potential and current customers can definitely come in handy.
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By Kelly Williams 17 Jan, 2018
When your business has several locations, does it make sense to create a new account specifically for it? The day of consolidating multiple ventures under one swooping helm appears to be infeasible today. That’s because the world of digital marketing, much like Google’s algorithms with SEO, are constantly changing every year. What works on Facebook and in the world of digital marketing this year may not be suitable next year.
By Kelly Williams 04 Jan, 2018
Recent studies indicate that more and more individuals are resorting to read Google reviews before opting for a particular service from a company. This does not seem like it is going to come to a halt anytime soon, hence why it is important for companies to improve in this area in order to maximize their success on the market with the service(s) they are providing. Digital Marketing Experts International can definitely help to make this happen!
By Kelly Williams 28 Dec, 2017
Whether you are new to website design, or a seasoned vet, chances are you may be making a few mistakes on your site. Owning and operating a website is very similar to owning a vehicle or raising a child, it’s a lot of work. Hard work. Daily work. That’s because we live in a time and age, where the world moves so fast, and people’s attention spans are so short. Creating a site is exciting, with all of your hopes and ambitions ahead of you. Then you do it. In comes the daily maintenance and challenges. Today, more sites are focused on personalizing their brand to its target audience. This is to make it more easier to navigate, while keeping the content engaging, relevant and clear. Whether you do it yourself, or utilize the services of a digital marketing agency like DMEI (Digital Marketing Experts International), here are five pages you may be overlooking and need some elbow grease to work on.
By Kitty Cobb 20 Dec, 2017

Technology has changed the way businesses are handling their operations in this era, and one of the creative ways is through the use of platforms such as Google My Business Profile , to make your business show up on google maps. It's no doubt that you have seen some of the businesses on Google maps, and you get to wonder why you can see some and not others. The secret behind this feature lies behind Google My Business, which is why using the platform is an important decision to make as a business owner.


Local searches with Google My Business

As a small business owner, your dream is to get easily located by your potential clients, while also getting a rating from your customers. The best way to achieve this is by using Google My Business, which easily connects you to your customers, whether they are looking for your business on Google Maps, Search, or Google+. The platform, which is also known as Google Places, is the easiest way for your customers to access information related to your business such as the hours of operation, direction, and even contact information. Google My Business works better for local searches, where someone adds a location to the search item. The best thing about Google My Business is that it's free to set up, and goes a long way in ensuring that your business appears in local search results for queries that are related to the services or products you sell.


How Google My Business works

When a customer searches for the products or services that you offer, what happens is that the local listings will come up first. In most cases, these dominate listings will be accompanied by markers along with addresses and phone numbers that belong to those businesses.Other than that, Google will display a map that includes all the businesses that are present in the actual list. This way, your customers will be able to locate you faster and know more about your business.


Referencing from Local Directories

One thing you need to note is that Google gets information from local directories that it trusts, and then uses such information in its search results algorithm to determine the results which will dominate. Some of these directories include Citysearch, Yelp , and even smaller sites that are of a high quality. When Google finds you in these other directory sites, then they will conclude that you are an active member of the local community, and this will be an advantage to your business. This means that creating a listing on the directories that are related to your business is an essential thing to do if you want to be more successful. When creating such listings, once strategy to take into consideration is that the business information across all these directories should be exactly similar. You need to include details of the business name, address, phone number, and other related information that will help your clients get to know more about the business. By doing so, Google can be assured of your business's consistency and stableness across all platforms.


Google My Business Optimization

The website that you use for your business activities may be well optimized , but you still need to acknowledge that the main use of Google Local Search results is to help users find the businesses that are near them more easily. Most of the time, being closer to the customers searching for your services or products means that get the most out of Google's Local Search Algorithm. Just like the way you optimize your website's content, you could also do the same for the information you use on Google My Business. Maintaining consistent information on this platform and also on third party directory listings indicates that your business is more reputable, and this is so important when it comes to search engine rankings as well as traffic. Optimizing your Google My Business page is vital at this point, and in the future, not only for raising your rankings but also for helping your clients connect with you better. By seeing your business hours, directions to your place, business contact details, reviews and ratings from customers, and other details about your business, clients will feel like they connect better with your business, so they feel more secure transact with you.


Make maximum use of Google My Business

While you may think that Google My business is not as important as it seems as far as search engine results are concerned, you don't want to ignore the importance of this platform in ensuring that local customers can easily find you. Take a moment and think of it. What does Search Engine Optimization do? Of course, it helps you rank higher in Search Engine Results so that you can get more customers. Why then, will you say that Google My Business isn't equally important? Don't listen to the self-proclaimed "marketing experts" who preach the gospel of Google+ and GMB extinction. Google My Business is the best tool that you can ever use a local business owner to ensure that your business soars to greater heights.

 Whether you need help with your current Google My Business listing or need a brand new listing, DMEI can assist in the process.  Our team of experts work together with you to optimize and promote your business the way it should be.  To schedule an appointment with one of our marketing consultants click here .  

By Kitty Cobb 08 Dec, 2017

 Social media marketing can help drive traffic to your website and has been shown to be a great source of traffic helping an online business or blog become successful.  When talking about ways to drive more traffic to the site, real world examples show the reader the effective methods and shows that these methods are not just a myth.  Hard work and consistency as well as patience is still going to be needed.  The right tools will help with the process.  There are some SEO secrets and the use of keywords can be applied to many websites to gain additional traffic.

By Jen Steever 29 Oct, 2017
Since 2015, Google has been adamant about putting an emphasis on connection security, namely by putting pressure on websites to do away with “HTTP.” For the past two years, Google has been preaching to the choir, that websites, companies, and users, should convert from “HTTP” to “HTTPS.” And for good reason. They are safer. HTTPS based websites are safer and will protect users from hacks or criminal attacks to a user’s personal and financial information.
By Jen Steever 27 Oct, 2017
You need a great website because your customers are on the internet browsing through your competitor's website. You knowing that they do not want to buy from them. They want to buy from you. Invest in a website! For instance, forward thinking businesses believe that focusing on what is needed and what is urgent is money well worth the expense. Although, websites are an investment today as they were 5 years ago, websites are becoming more the growing trend in the eCommerce way of life.

In fact, social media is a hotspot for many businesses. Therefore, having a page on social media can bring in way more ad dollars to your company than spending on a radio or T.V. advertisement comparably. Generating cold calls or traditional mail-outs in forms of postcards or flyers are nice, but what is really needed by you as a business owner is having lead generations coming from a business website.

Having a business website will afford you more than a 30% increase in your business profits according to many marketing experts. With your online presence at the top of the ranking results on search engines, your company is more likely to be seen compared to being offline. In fact, many business owners may think it is expensive to have a business website, but this is a myth. It costs you more NOT to have one.
By Jen Steever 26 Oct, 2017
One of the things that people can offer you is advice, whether you need it or not. At times this "wisdom" can be bad, but on other occasions, it can be just what you need! The marketing consultant advice that this post is going to offer you comes from many years of working in the marketing industry and struggling with providers and expensive marketing programs. We know what can work in your industry and we're going to give you free marketing advice today.
By Jen Steever 24 Oct, 2017
If you want to market your business, you need to have the right skills for the job. There is more to marketing than simply placing your business on social media platforms. However, you cannot manage focusing on running the business, taking care of your customers well, and making changes to your marketing plan . You need to get a marketing agency to help you make a marketing plan that will work for your business.
By Jen Steever 05 Sep, 2017
Just take a look around you - Internet Marketing Services have changed in big time ways. Has your business marketing strategy changed along with it? Customers have different attitudes today than they did yesterday. This can be seen in the way that local businesses are experiencing record growth in record numbers today. The amazing aspect of this is that consumers do not actually pay a visit to those businesses any longer. Instead, they rely on their mobile devices to do the work for them. If your local business has not adapted to this trend, you are losing out big time.
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