3 Untruths About Digital Marketing That Cost Your Business Money

  • By Jen Steever
  • 17 Jul, 2017

Digital Marketing Makes Money

It’s not completely surprising that many internet marketing myths are still taken as truth by businesses. Maybe there are some marketing services who still benefit somehow by keeping these costly and inefficient myths alive. However, Digital Marketing Experts International hopes to assist you in spending your businesses marketing budget in a very sensible, efficient, and effective way. DMEI wants to help you improve your base of clients and thus to increase your businesses return on investment.  We would like to explore in depth 3 digital marketing myths that, if you have bought into them, are wasting your times and costing your business money. 

Myth #1: The only reason to market a business is to draw visitors to a website.

Some websites experience thousands of visitors every day, but many of them are not able to convert these prospective clients into actual leads, or even better, sales! Other websites make a great profit from as few as 2 or 3 dozen daily visitors. It’s certainly more productive to attract 100 visits a day and covert at 20 percent than to attract 1,000 visits a day and covert at one percent. In some cases, it may be cheaper and easier to do the former!

Of course, multiple factors do impact actual conversion rates. These factors could include the actual quality of the internet traffic, the design of the website, and likely even the speed the website loads. In any case, it might be more profitable for your business to use your general advertising, social media, and content marketing budgets to seek target audiences that are definitely more likely to be seriously interested in your particular services and products. 

For many local businesses, doing that means locating websites, social groups, and any other platforms that might focus on your particular city, county, or state. You want to focus the traffic that hits your website so that you receive a much better value for your investment. 

Myth #2: Email marketing is dead as an internet marketing tool.

The competitors in your industry would like for you to believe that you can't make money using email lists. It has been reported that more than 90% of Americans use email every single day. As a matter of fact, email marketing  is still proving to be equally as effective in acquiring customers as is social media. As the expense of search and social ads is ever increasing, a healthy email subscriber list can provide businesses with a healthy source of income. 

Obviously, emails must be seen as valuable by the consumer or the receiver to be of any use. There aren't many consumers who are likely to open an email that they think might be spam. Some options to send to your potential customers are newsletters, surveys, holiday or other types of greetings, or information on public services that your business is associated with. A marketing message can be contained within this type of content but the email itself must provide some value to the potential customer. 

Myth #3: A business must be cheaper than its competition to be successful online.

The internet is definitely known as an excellent place for consumers to do comparison shopping for products and services based on quality, price...DMEI includes this type of influence in its marketing. Businesses must communicate with potential customers as to the reasons why the consumer should choose that particular business and what it has to offer. Businesses must explain their products and services completely so that their value is the focus and that it is obvious, along with price. When your products cost more than those of your competition, you definitely need to educate potential consumers as to why you and your products are worth the extra money. 

Effective marketing for businesses does not need to be difficult.

The internet has basically become a playing field leveler.  Even businesses that are very small can send out newsletters. They can interact with consumers on their social network pages.  Their potential customers can be educated about their specific businesses. The key is not to always do more than your competitors. It is always better to focus on doing fewer things far better than your competitors! 

Allow DMEI to assist you in dispelling these marketing myths and taking your business to the top of your industry! Contact us today!

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By Kitty Cobb 08 Dec, 2017

 Social media marketing can help drive traffic to your website and has been shown to be a great source of traffic helping an online business or blog become successful.  When talking about ways to drive more traffic to the site, real world examples show the reader the effective methods and shows that these methods are not just a myth.  Hard work and consistency as well as patience is still going to be needed.  The right tools will help with the process.  There are some SEO secrets and the use of keywords can be applied to many websites to gain additional traffic.

By Jen Steever 29 Oct, 2017
Since 2015, Google has been adamant about putting an emphasis on connection security, namely by putting pressure on websites to do away with “HTTP.” For the past two years, Google has been preaching to the choir, that websites, companies, and users, should convert from “HTTP” to “HTTPS.” And for good reason. They are safer. HTTPS based websites are safer and will protect users from hacks or criminal attacks to a user’s personal and financial information.
By Jen Steever 27 Oct, 2017
You need a great website because your customers are on the internet browsing through your competitor's website. You knowing that they do not want to buy from them. They want to buy from you. Invest in a website! For instance, forward thinking businesses believe that focusing on what is needed and what is urgent is money well worth the expense. Although, websites are an investment today as they were 5 years ago, websites are becoming more the growing trend in the eCommerce way of life.

In fact, social media is a hotspot for many businesses. Therefore, having a page on social media can bring in way more ad dollars to your company than spending on a radio or T.V. advertisement comparably. Generating cold calls or traditional mail-outs in forms of postcards or flyers are nice, but what is really needed by you as a business owner is having lead generations coming from a business website.

Having a business website will afford you more than a 30% increase in your business profits according to many marketing experts. With your online presence at the top of the ranking results on search engines, your company is more likely to be seen compared to being offline. In fact, many business owners may think it is expensive to have a business website, but this is a myth. It costs you more NOT to have one.
By Jen Steever 26 Oct, 2017
One of the things that people can offer you is advice, whether you need it or not. At times this "wisdom" can be bad, but on other occasions, it can be just what you need! The marketing consultant advice that this post is going to offer you comes from many years of working in the marketing industry and struggling with providers and expensive marketing programs. We know what can work in your industry and we're going to give you free marketing advice today.
By Jen Steever 24 Oct, 2017
If you want to market your business, you need to have the right skills for the job. There is more to marketing than simply placing your business on social media platforms. However, you cannot manage focusing on running the business, taking care of your customers well, and making changes to your marketing plan . You need to get a marketing agency to help you make a marketing plan that will work for your business.
By Jen Steever 05 Sep, 2017
Just take a look around you - Internet Marketing Services have changed in big time ways. Has your business marketing strategy changed along with it? Customers have different attitudes today than they did yesterday. This can be seen in the way that local businesses are experiencing record growth in record numbers today. The amazing aspect of this is that consumers do not actually pay a visit to those businesses any longer. Instead, they rely on their mobile devices to do the work for them. If your local business has not adapted to this trend, you are losing out big time.
By Jen Steever 04 Sep, 2017
With the new technology, there is so much you can do for your company such as solving its internet marketing issues by using the internet. This is achieved by using the internet in different ways that include streamlining business marketing processes and customer acquisition.
With the internet, you can quickly elevate the performance and productivity of your business by the use of emails and other platforms to have better communications with your esteemed customers.

How can improve the company's visibility by using the streamline activities? 
By Jen Steever 01 Sep, 2017
There are so many benefits that come from using a great Marketing Agency. For example, such an agency can help you build a presence online in no time. Read on to find out more about how an outstanding expert marketing consultant like DMEI can help you grow your business.
By Jen Steever 29 Aug, 2017
A good marketing strategy helps a company in gaining more customers. With the cheat sheet, one can come up with or create excellent content for the customers, and we all know with real and pertinent content, customers will never leave your site.
By Jen Steever 21 Aug, 2017
You need to make your brand memorable to your consumers. The brand is what the consumer will be looking for and remember about the brand. The little things really do add up. You need to take a proactive approach when it comes to building the brand for your business. If you do not have a well defined brand they others may brand you. More than likely you will not be happy with the results.

There are a number of procedures that can be used to make your brand strong:
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